Washington high school alumni foundATION

Washington High School is connected with its past Students through the Alumni Foundation that was created on October 24, 1990 as a non profit organization. The Foundation was originally created to raise money to preserve the Arch of the Main Building during the Campus Reconstruction in the 90s. The Foundation currently funds Student Scholarships and Classroom Grants, along with supporting Student and Campus Activities.

Photo of the Arches that the Alumni Foundation was able to preserve

Photo of the Arches that the Alumni Foundation was able to preserve



The Foundation currently has Meetings every second Tuesday of the month. The Meetings are open to any past WHS Member and can even be joined through Skype. Please come!

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current foundation events

  • Student Scholarships

  • Classroom Academic Grants

  • Commemorative Bricks


  • 3/14 - Alumni Meeting

  • 5/25 - Senior Awards Night

  • 10/14 - Class of 1957/1958 Reunion

Scholarships and Classroom Grants


  • School Service and Leadership Scholarship

  • Carrie Nunes Community Service Scholarship

  • Fred Brower-Doug Ely Memorial Journalism/Publications Scholarship

  • John Woodcock Memorial Athletic Scholarship

  • Pop Goold Aspiring Educator Scholarship

Classroom Academic Grants

  • Classroom grants are available for all WHS Teachers