Washington High School, over the past 127 years, has a rich tradition of alumni support. The Associated Student Body and the Alumni Foundation have worked to honor Alumni who have given back to our school community as a whole, our school and it’s rightful heritage in the Greater Tri-City area.


Our first recipients of the Alumni Husky Spotlight Award, is to the Lorenz family.

Listen to parts of the interview here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0jsofa_URqCcUNybXZfX3RBR0JGT1EzdW8xTnZhUnFEa0E0


Generations of Huskies

The Lorenz Family has had four generations of Huskies graduate from Washington High school. Family members have been attending Washington from as early as 1970 to as late as 2006.  They have participated in the Hall of Fame for Washington High School, and strongly believe in the saying "Once a Husky, Always a Husky"

FRemont Flowers

Dirk bought this business at the age of 22 and had built the business up since. The original Fremont Flowers (pictured on the right) was started in 1956 in the Centerville Depot where he and his wife also own the Depot Café.  

Since getting into the flower business Dirk has never lived more than 2 miles from the
school.  Dirk has implemented programs such as the Welcome Teacher Day program, where more than 1200 elementary school children get free flowers to give to their teachers on the first day of school. 



This is their family house. 

Dirk has served on numerous board and organizations that reach out to the
community. Specifically, through Niles Rotary he works with so many Alumni and retired faculty, and continues to give back to the community he has grown up in. He is very prominent in Interact, and as youth service coordinator he helps high school kids also make a difference in the community. 

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