CLUB LIST FOR THE 2018-2019 School YEAR


Acts of Random Kindness (ARK Club)

To conduct uplifting events, campaigns, and activities that thrive to spread positivity around WHS to make daily struggles a little more bearable.

Meeting Info: Once a month on Tuesdays @ lunch in F241


To educate people on our religion/culture.

Meeting Info: Once a week on Tuesdays in the AMP


To help people get service hours and volunteer at a local American Red cross Blood Bank; educate people on the service of blood banks.

Meeting Info: Every other Tuesday @ lunch in Rm 46


To educate the community about human rights and events that are going on in the world (an example would be helping native women in poverty or educating about gun violence)

Meeting Info: TBA

Artist club

Support artists and encourage artistic expression at WHS, regardless of classes you take.

Meeting Info: Bi-weekly on Thursday in A161 @ lunch.

Asian Student Union

A club for all students to embrace Asian culture and educate people about different ethnic Asian cultures.

Meeting Info: Once a month on Thursday in room 51 during lunch and after school.

Biology Olympiad Club

To incite interest in the biological sciences whilst intensively preparing for the USA Biology Olympiad and other competitions with field trips, practice tests, and guest speakers from the industry.

Meeting Info: Every other Monday in room 31 from 3:10- 4:30

Black Student union (bsu)

Providing leadership, and encourage networking among faculty, student, and staff in the result of mutual understanding and respect among Black and non Black members of the WHS community.

Meeting Info:Twice a month in room F245 @lunch


To discuss literature, introduce each other to new books, and to encourage recreational reading.

Meeting Info: Once a week, on Tuesdays in room E224 @ lunch


To promote and recognize high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship in california schools.

Meeting Info: Once a month on mondays in rm F243 @ lunch


To develop and encourage the game of chess among WHS students and to compete with outside schools

Meeting Info: Weekly, on Wednesdays in room E131 @ lunch


To encourage the development of creative writing skills as well as to inform students about scholarships relating to creative writing.

Meeting Info: Once a month, on Wednesdays @ lunch in Room E230.

Culinary Arts CLUB

To celebrate cuisine from around the world, culture and to learn how to make food through demonstrations.

Meeting Info: Biweekly on Thursday @ lunch, Room 96


To spread and promote the enjoyment of the French culture.

Meeting Info: Every other Friday @ lunch, Room 44


To raise awareness about the Philippines to Washington High School

Meeting Info: TBA

Girls Unite for Cycling Activism

To teach biking rights, rules, street laws and plan fun events to use their bikes. Bonding experience and to encourage biking in WHS. To make fremont aware of unsafe routes for cyclists.

Meeting Info: Every thursday in room F240 @ lunch

girls who code

To provide a safe space to girls and boys to learn how to code in Java by using the provided curriculum from the larger nonprofit organization, Girls Who Code.

Meeting Info: Every other week Thursday in E131 @ 3:15-4:15

Hip Hop Club

To express and embrace American dance culture.

Meeting Info: Every Tuesday and Thursday @ lunch, E building hallway


To come together as a school to save lives, reduce suffering, and preserve human dignity, by raising money for small independent non profit organizations

Meeting Info: Once a month, on Wednesdays @ Lunch in F111


Organize and operate the annul WHS Car Show and Canned Food Drive

Meeting Info: Bi-weekly on Wednesdays @ Lunch in room 61 (Auto Shop)


To promote international goodwill and understanding through raising awareness and serving the community through service events and fundraisers.

Meeting Info: Twice a month on thursday in mr. Kim’s room @ lunch


To educate fellow students Japan’s culture through anime viewings and other activities.

Meeting Info: Friday after school, Room F111

Junior Academy of Music

The purpose of this organization is to inspire students to express themselves through all types of music: songwriting, acapella, instrumental, and covers.

Meeting Info: Twice a week on mondays and fridays in the drama room at lunch

Key Club

A service club with the sole purpose of providing opportunities for students to help their community and embrace service.

Meeting Info: Once a month on Wednesdays in Room 52 during lunch


To learn about Korean culture and perform Kpop.

Meeting Info: Every Monday @ lunch, Room F111


To aid students and teach them more about local biology and agriculture

Meeting Info: Once a month, on Wednesday in Mr. Wildman’s room


To provide service opportunities for our members and collaborate with our parent club, the Lions Club of America.

Meeting Info: Once a month, on Fridays, @ Lunch in Room 52


Study and educate about the field of mathematics, participate in mathematical competitions.

Meeting Info: Once every two weeks, on Tuesdays in Room 51 @ Lunch


For Hispanic and latinos to be aware of their culture and interact in the latino community

Meeting Info: Rm43 @lunch

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

To provide an open environment where Muslims can express and learn more about their faith, educate others about the true nature of Islam, and help those in need.

Meeting Info: Every Friday in rm F22 @lunch

Model UN (MUN)

To teach the importance and purpose of the Model United Nations through simulation and conferences and workshops.

Meeting Info: Every other thursday @ lunch, Room 52

LAST REVISION: April 29, 2019


National Honor Society (NHS)

To recognize excellent academic achievement amongst students and help think about college/ life after high school.

Meeting Info: Once a month, wednesday @ lunch, Room 93


To foster an interest in neuroscience among youth and better inform those that are curious

Meeting Info: Once a week on Mondays, @ lunch in Room 32


Address social, economic, environmental, political, and many other global issues and solve them one at a time.

Meeting Info: Every week on Thursdays Rm 56 @lunch

Performing arts club (pac)

To have a place where students can express their performing arts skills and to meet with others who enjoy live entertainment.

Meeting Info: Every Wednesday @ Lunch, Room 62


To prepare students for the physics olympiad, exams, and spread the love of physics through discussions, experiments and, and mainly, solutions to olympiad problems.

Meeting Info: Once a week, on Wednesday, @ Lunch, Room 93

Project Aqua

To provide sustainable methods of obtaining water for those in need and spread water education.

Meeting Info: Once a month on thursdays in Rm F245 @ lunch


To teach about Polynesian culture through dance and perform at the multicultural assembly

Meeting Info: 3 days a week (M, W, F); @ WHS gym, 3:00-4:30


To promote dialogue about the relevance of different forms of media in today’s society, through the appreciation of artistic expression of various creators.

Meeting Info: Twice a month, on Thursdays, in Rm E120 @ lunch

Robotics Club

To inspire young people to be science and technology leaders by engaging them in exciting mentor based programs to build skills that inspire innovation and foster well rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.

Meeting Info: Once a week

skunk works

To educate students on the dynamics of flight , and to give hands on work experience to students by making an RC airplane.

Meeting Info: Twice a month on tuesdays, in P4 after school

Spanish Club

Increasing the awareness of Spanish culture and language while earning community service hours and participating in fun activities.

Meeting Info: Once a month wednesdays P3 @lunch


To raise awareness of and advocate for children’s rights in underprivileged areas. To provide funds to aid these children.

Meeting Info: Once a month on Thursday RM E227 @ lunch


To promote higher education throughout the Latino community through the discussion of scholarships and opportunities as well as the use of traditional mexican dance.

Meeting Info: Every other thursday in rm F242 @ lunch


To help the local community’s homeless population by going to local homeless shelter and volunteering.

Meeting Info: Bimonthly on Thursdays during Lunch in Rm 51


To provide WHS students the opportunity to compete in interschool debate and provide exposure to numerous current events.

Meeting Info: Wednesdays and fridays from 3:30-5:30


To introduce business fundamentals to students and compete in conferences.

Meeting Info: Once a month, wednesday  @ 3:10 pm , Room 54


To engage students in a Jeopardy type game that helps increase knowledge. Members will also participate in competitions.

Meeting Info: Fridays @ WHS benches 3:00-4:30

WHS Taal

To compete in Bay Area dance competitions for charity while representing Washington High School student diversity.

Meeting Info: Biweekly on wednesday and friday @ lunch and after school

Youth Alive

To create a Christian community on campus that glorifies God by providing opportunities for discussion, fellowship, outreach, and a strong Christian witness.

Meeting Info: Wednesday @ lunch, Room 96

LAST REVISION: April 29, 2019