Acts of Random Kindness (ARK Club)

To conduct uplifting events, campaigns, and activities that thrive to spread positivity around WHS to make daily struggles a little more bearable.


To educate people on our religion/culture

Art club

To make art and to learn from each other as artists. Collaborating with other clubs for their artistic needs, showcasing each other’s work publicly.

Asian Student Union

A club for all students to embrace Asian culture and educate people about different ethnic Asian cultures.


To educate and motivate students to be excited about Astronomy and the wonders of space through educational programs and social events.


To educate people on basic sign language and on deaf culture that will aid them in later life


Black Student Union.


Organize, plan, and fund the annual car Show held on the first Saturday of May

Creating for warmth (CFW)

Creating warm gifts by knitting and ink pressing designs on clothes with the help of Mr. Ellkin

Clout club 

To educate students on modern culture; including urban streetwear and fashion, the analysis of modern songs, and the definition of Urban Dictionary’s “clout”. Additionally, to spread good vibes and bond with class peers in a fun environment.


To prepare students for academic challenges and to reward students for taking on these challenges.

Culinary Arts

To celebrate food, culture, and learn how to make food through lunchtime demonstrations and field trips.


To build public speaking and debating skills and to compete in public forum and parliamentary tournaments

DIY Club

To allow students to be creative in their own way by creating fun projects.

Engineering Club

Connect students with similar interests in areas of science, technology, engineering and math.

Entrepreneurship Club

To educate students about entrepreneurship through the creation of startups with mentorship from MIT.

Environmental Club

To raise environmental awareness and spread ways to reduce the human footprint in the environment.

Fearlessly Feminist

To discuss and show people the various topics of feminism and how it can benefit and affect our society. Our ultimate goal is to provide community service to benefit men and women to promote gender equality across campus.


To embrace the beauty and culture of the Filipino heritage. To express the culture of the Philippines through song, dance, and cuisine.


To promote Francophone culture on the WHS campus and organize cultural activities/trips around the Bay Area for students.

Games Club

To create a way for players of both trading card games and video games to gather, socialize, and play together.

girls who code

To provide a safe space to girls and boys to learn how to code in Java by using the provided curriculum from the larger nonprofit organization, Girls Who Code.


To inform students about computer science and host monthly workshops for various introductory topics

Hip Hop Club

To express American dance culture.


To carry out community service projects, fundraise for international projects, expand international understanding, and promote goodwill.

International Travel Club

To promote travel and different cultures for all students of WHS.


To expand knowledge of Japanese culture through club activities and the viewing of anime.

Key Club

An international student-led organization which provides members with opportunities to provide service, build character, and develop leadership.

Korean Culture Club

To promote and share Korean culture, which includes the language, songs, traditional food, and history.


To explore Korean culture and dances and perform at multicultural.



To help individuals improve their math skills and make math fun, and spread the love of math.


To bring together the Latino community.


To learn and explore Middle Eastern and South Asian cultures.

MSA (Muslim Student Association)

To unite both Muslims and non-Muslims in helping the community.


To promote the learning of different countries, build up of negotiating, public speaking, and research skill, and to learn and experience democracy.

National Honor Society

To honor students that have shown success in the areas of scholarship, community service, and leadership.


To promote animal rights and protection and to encourage individuals to participate in projects benefiting the lives of animals, both domestic and wild

Performing Arts

To have a place where students can express their performing arts skills and to meet with others who enjoy live entertainment.

Project Aqua

To provide sustainable methods of obtaining water for those in need globally, as well as promote local environmental awareness.

Robotics Club

To inspire young people to be science and technology leaders by engaging them in exciting mentor based programs to build skills.

Science Olympiad

Explore different branches of science and compete in tournaments held by the National Science Olympiad Organization

Spanish Club

Increasing the awareness of Spanish culture and language while earning community service hours through various charity events.

Street hockey club

Playing games of street hockey, teaching beginners the basics and how to play


To promote women in technology and entrepreneurship, work on developing an app and enhance skills to succeed in computer science.


To become an amazing public speaker by being partnered with TED’s global platform, and having the chance to be featured on their website.


To educate, and fundraise on behalf of children in support of UNICEF.


To empower Latino students in pursuing higher education through dedication and culture.

Vine Club 

To promote happiness and safe mental health through the act of watching Vines and analyzing the meaning

wallball Club

To reminisce and educate fellow students on various elementary and middle school recreational activities, primarily focusing on wallball. This club is also planning on entering wallball competitions

WHS American Cancer Society

To raise awareness and educate youth on cancer prevention, and to fundraise money to donate to Relay For Life.

WHS Bhangra Club

To teach students Punjabi culture and dance.


To teach new and old players new techniques and strategies in chess as well as compete in chess tournaments organized by the National Chess Federation

WHS dance

Unify the students of WHS through various forms of dance and create a place where students can express themselves.


To introduce business fundamentals to students and compete in conferences.


To serve the community in a way that is beneficial for both the community and the members of the club.

WHS Quiz Bowl

To practice and compete in the NAQT Circuit of Northern California Quiz Bowl and beyond. We also strive to help students in their academic endeavors, and apply they learn in school in a fun and meaningful way.

WHS Taal

To share Indian culture through Bollywood dance while also performing in charity shows to raise money for causes.

Youth Alive

To create a Christian community on campus that glorifies God by providing opportunities for discussion, fellowship, outreach, and a strong Christian witness.