ASB PRESIDENT (Paola Villanueva): Main responsibilities include helping the Student Activities Directors run Leadership/ASB, assisting in Graduation (the year one is elected), Back-to-School Night, and Parent-Teacher Conferences, being in charge of our ASB Website and Snapchat, Campus Cleanup, Maze, the Hello Dance, and the Make-a-Wish Letter-Writing Campaign, reading the Daily Bulletin, heading Leadership/ASB Business Meetings, and coordinating with School Site Council and ILC (Inter-Leadership Conference).

ASB VICE PRESIDENT (Aidan Cho): Main responsibilities include assisting the ASB President, filling in for the ASB President (when they are unable to carry out their job), getting Dignitaries and the Media to attend and showcase Leadership/ASB Activities, and heading Third Period Representative Meetings.

ASB TREASURER (Kenneth Ng): Main responsibilities include managing our Leadership/ASB Account (that has an annual Budget of $500,000) and working with our Accounts Clerk.

ASB SECRETARY (Sara Lowe): Main responsibilities include taking weekly business meeting minutes and assisting in the School Website and School Newsletter.

(You can only run for an ASB Officer if you are in Leadership 2 (the Leadership Class) the year you run.)

CONTACT INFO: president@washingtonasb.com