The 4th Hall of Fame Ceremony will be held at Swiss Park in Newark on May 18, 2019. Doors open at 5:00, dinner will be served at 6:00. This years inductees are:

Stephanie scott Telles, 1965

Dirk Lorenz, 1978

Bill Harrison, 1988

Hall of fame induction videos


Bill Harrison, 1988:

Bill Harrison was taught by his parents and his football coach, Jim Ingram, to always give back to his community. Since Bill graduated, he has followed this guidance very well by being involved in Fremont city council and being elected the mayor of Fremont in 2012. He additionally gave back to the community by serving selflessly on the Board of Directors of both Kidango and the Children’s Fund of the Bay Area. Bill Harrison’s activeness in public service around Alameda County is a primary example of husky pride and spirit.


Stephanie Scott Telles, 1965:

Stephanie Scott Telles is a part of a family where 38 family members attended Washington from 1903-2001. The rich history of Washington and her deep connection to the school inspired her to get more involved in Fremont after she graduated. Since then, Stephanie has held many different titles on the board of directors of the Washington Alumni Foundation. In addition, she also started the Museum of Local History in Fremont. Stephanie is very proud to be a husky and that pride is reflected in all the selfless public service she has done in Fremont.


Dirk Lorenz, 1978:

Dirk’s family history and influential teachers at Washington sparked his great desire to give back to the community of Fremont in any way that he could. Since Dirk graduated he has volunteered countless hours to advocate for the Tri-City Animal Shelter and serve as the president of the Niles Rotary. Dirk, along with his family, also donated a whopping $25,000 to help save the original arch entryway in the front of Washington High School. Dirk’s dedication to both Washington and the community of Fremont serves as an incredible example for any aspiring husky alumni.

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